2019 - Gazelle Records

The spirit behind our SHE project is one of celebration of the often unrecognized, wildly-resilient, transformational power that lies within the hearts of women. It has manifested itself thus far as an album of original songs (all but one written by Nancy Harms, and some of them in collaboration with Arne Fogel) inspired by and celebrating the real-life, powerful women whom she is very proud to have inhabiting in her life. The album has been released November 15, 2019 on the independent label, Gazelle Records. 
Nancy Harms (vocals & BGVs), Fred Nardin (keys and arrangements), Or Bareket (bass), Kush Abadey (drums and percussion), Zacc Harris (guitar on She), Emily Braden, Naiika Sings, Katie Gearty, Michele Denise Michaels & Arne Forgel on BGVs.
Arne Fogel & Nancy Harms (Producers).

FRED NARDIN - Pianist, composer and arranger

Born in 1987, Fred Nardin started playing the piano at age five. He entered the Conservatoire de Chalon-sur-Saône to study classical music and later became part of the jazz class there, directed by Sylvain Beuf. At eighteen, he joined the Department of Jazz and Improvised Music at the Conservatoire de Paris.

He graduated in 2011 alongside Hervé Sellin, Riccardo Del Fra, François Therbege, Glenn Ferris, and Dré Pallemaerts. Two years later, his passion for writing and cinema led him to take a film score writing class directed by Laurent Petitgirard and Marie-Jeanne Serero. ... Read more